Wednesday 18 April 2012

New Lambs at Cerenety.

We are currently rushed off our feed with orphan lambs and lambing ewes, so this is going to be a picture heavy blog, as we're bottle feeding in 5 minutes.

Our orphan lambs from 4 years ago have now become fully fledged sheep and are 2 ewes, Mini and Nancy were put to the ram about 5 months ago.

Mini had triplets last week and Nancy had twins 3 days ago. Everything is going very well with the lambs, they are healthy and happy.

We also have 7 orphan lambs, all properly named by friends and campers: Rosy, Dot, Cleo, Heatie, Arthur, Tommy and Lambzilla. Despite some illness due to the fragility of lambs without their mums, they're are currently doing ok.