Tuesday 7 August 2012

Reggae Veggie Jalfrezi

We are collecting 'one pot' recipes that are easily prepared on a single burner camp stove or pot over a fire, preferably on a 'camping budget' -  admittedly a wide-ish target.  Please feel free to submit recipes in comments and we will collate them with a view to publishing a handy booklet for campers.

So let's chase the rain away with some spicy culinary shenanigans:  Without further ado here is my squealicious 'Reggae Veggie Jalfrezi.  Tested 3 times and all diners/campers are reported to have survived, albeit with silly grins on their faces. Why reggae?  Because it's pretty much yellow, red and green!  Curry purists beware...

Ingredients (serves 4)

Chopped onions (x 2 big-uns)
Dried green lentils x two cups
Tomato puree x two tbsp
1 x tin tomatoes
Family pack of closed cup mushrooms (chopped)
Garlic x 5 cloves (chopped small) or two big tsps of garlic powder/granules
Fresh ginger x 1/2 inch (or one level teaspoon ginger powder)
1 x Level tbsp of jalfrezi curry powder ( I used Morrisons own)
1 x tsp cumin powder
1 x Yellow and 1 x red pepper (diced or sliced)
2 x tbsp of oil or butter
Salt and black pepper to taste.
2 x bay leaves (not essential)
3 x cups of rice if required (cooked separately)

OK, here's the method, follow closely:

1. Heat oil or butter  until hot.  Tun down heat to simmer and add onions, stirring vigorously.  Stir occasionally to stop sticking.  For 25-30 mins.  Yes really that long,, until they go all soft and caramelised, not brown but golden.  Add bay leaves half way through if you have them.

2. Now add the cumin and jalfrezi spices and stir for half a minute.

3. Add the garlic, ginger, dried lentils, tin of tomatoes and the tomato puree and stir well.

4. Cook on low heat for 20 mins then add mushrooms and chopped peppers

5. Cook for further 20 mins until lentils are good texture and peppers are soft.  Stir occasionally and add salt and pepper to taste.

6.  Serve with rice or add rice into same pot for last twenty minutes along with a cup of water and cook until done.

Maybe dollop some low fat natural yoghurt on top and enjoy with your favourite person/beverage under the stars (or canvas!)  Send in those recipes!